A downloadable game for Windows

A cute platformer about a creature that wants to leave its home town but isn't allowed to.
After locating a weapon and making your way to the sacred temple, the action begins. Only 1 level was developed.

Arrow keys
x to jump and w/z to use weapon
(and space to select)
down to talk

You live in a village "chosen" by the gods. At least that is what the village priest Alakazoo tells you.
Every day, he will come out of his temple and tell the village people "the words of the gods."
Being a "chosen" village means you can't ever leave, and you are not alowed to have an opinion. But nobody seems to have a problem with that. Except you of course, you are young and you are bored of doing nothing all day. So you decide to ask the village priest if you can leave the village, and thats when the problems start...

Main Characters:

-Dude with the black cap (it is black now yes)
The character you control and the hero of this story. Looking for adventure in a boring village.
She doesn't really like the situation she is in either, but keeps her mouth shut.
Why would that be?
-Priest Alakazoo
Plans to take over the world. Many of his evil deeds will be revealed troughout the game.
-Mister X
What to think of this guy who is acting all mysterious?
Is he an important part of the plot or is he just plain crazy?
At least he gives you a weapon, thats cool.

Install instructions

The game it's in a .zip format file, just download it, extract it and run it ;)


SmallWorld.zip 1 MB